Our teams have a passion for finding the best solutions for your projects.

In an industry built on constant change, we are prepared to anticipate and respond rapidly to your needs—from initial planning to final shipping. We work toward continuous improvement at all times, using key measurements of success that keep us looking to the future and to better solutions for our customers.


With major investments in new, fully automated machinery and robotics, our extremely accurate, high-volume processing comes at the best possible price on USA-made parts.

  • Computer-controlled processes improve quality and eliminate human error.
  • In-process controls, including vision system detection and alarm systems, provide greater oversight.
  • Flexible manufacturing cells enable maximum efficiency.
  • 22 injection molding machines expedite large-volume projects.


Our design, engineering, quality, and production teams work together to bring experience and expertise to every detail of your project. We utilize lean practices across planning, tracking, and execution to ensure maximum time and cost efficiency.


  • Six Sigma disciplines:
    • Pareto
    • MUDA
    • 2 certified Green Belts
  • Process Improvements:
    • Kaizan events
    • Value stream mapping


  • Factory within Factory
  • Quick change tooling and internal/ external setups
  • Product Cells structured into strategic business units (SBUs)
  • Visual Plant Management


  • Electronic tracker systems give real-time information on:
    • Cycle, quantity, downtime, uptime, scrap, and process issues
  • Charts prioritizing root cause analysis


We can be your single-source solution from design to completion, or work with you to facilitate any step in your process, including:

  • Initial design analysis
  • Material choice
  • Process utilization
  • Tooling design
  • Prototype tooling capability in-house and off-site
  • Mold flow analysis
  • Pre-production sampling / mold modification
  • In-production modification
  • Vacuum metalizing, 3rd-party vendor


Our teams work with you to design innovative solutions for your unique needs. Using industry-leading software, we analyze every aspect of your product to ensure success, including finite element analysis and SLA 3D modeling.



ISO 9001:2015 Registered

Consistent quality is our passion. Our team implements continuous process auditing to ensure the highest standards of quality are built in at all stages.

Testing at Colson Group facilities is done in quality labs that are climate-controlled, secure, and monitored by video with test recording capabilities. Our testing equipment includes:

  • Table
  • Drum
  • Load Cell
  • Spectrometer (color verification)
  • Impact and Cold Impact
  • CMM (Coordinate Measuring Machine)
  • Updated moisture analyzer

We test to ICWM standards and can provide:

  • PPAP documents
  • CpK studies
  • Gauge R&R
  • Material certification documentation

Colson Group works to make sure our products deliver maximum performance and durability. Initial runs of new products are sampled to our customers for sign-off and become the quality standard. All future production meets this standard or it never leaves our plant.