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Chick Master

"impressive" turned to "amazing"

Chick Master is approaching birthday number 70 so over the years representatives from many current and would-be suppliers have passed thru our doors. I haven't personally been here for all those years nor have I met all of those "doorway passers". However, I have been around long enough to know that the representative from Colson, Harold, brought something unique in the door with him a year or so ago—solutions to problems and answers to opportunities. Harold quickly proved to us that he brought an expertise to the table that was significantly more capable than that which we possessed. Since our business philosophy is to make only that which we cannot buy from people who are the best in their chosen market the skillset offered to us by (Harold) was impressive; "impressive" turned to "amazing" when we found that the team at Colson that supported Harold were equally impressive in the performance of their roles in the supplier-customer ballet.

In the months that passed since that initial visit we have purchased new molds, purchased finished products from those molds and watched our sales grow along with our customer satisfaction. The quality is good beyond good. The orders are ready on time. The communication is excellent. The Colson people always meet our expectations and usually manage to exceed them. That is not easily done since we are not people who set our objectives with our eyes on our toes. We tend to look beyond the horizon and find that the Colson folks and a few of our other highly professional suppliers are right there at the limits of our sight.

Our association the Colson team has allowed us to correct long-standing but still misunderstood problems in our product offerings; it has allowed us to offer new products that meet needs that were recognized but for which we had no answers. In our book, there is no better definition of what a supplier/customer relationship should be.

And last, but certainly not least, we are a privately owned company that places high regard on the integrity and personal integrity of the people who work with us. We like the Colson people. That's important to us.

I suspect the names of Chick Master and Colson are going to be tightly linked as we grasp the opportunities each day brings.










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